How to activate modern pages on a classic team site

Recently I was searching for how to get the new Modern Pages in an old classic team site, which was created a couple of years ago in SharePoint Online.
New modern team sites, Groups and Communication sites are already having the new Modern Pages, but the old ones are still stuck with the old fashioned pages like SP2013.
As I’m missing all the new features and eager to improve our old home page, I went looking for the trigger that defines if SharePoint creates a modern or classic page.

First I have noticed that there was an extra contenttype in the Site Pages library of Modern Team sites. Site Pages is the contenttype which is used to create the new Modern pages.

Screenshot from the Site Pages library on a Communication site



Adding this contenttype to the old Site Pages library went fine but creating a new page, based on the Site Page contenttype, results in the following error:



After comparing the activated features of the old team site and the Modern Team site I bumped into the following feature:




And as obvious as the name is, the Site Pages feature will activate the modern pages for the old team sites and let you enjoy all the new functionalities that are provided by the modern pages.

From now on, clicking on “Add a page” will create a modern page:



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