OneDrive – Some files weren’t downloaded.

Recently my colleague and me were wondering why we bumped into a specific scenario where weren’t able to download (all the) files from a shared resource on OneDrive.
The only thing we were able to see is we downloaded a .zip file with some files and folders in it with an extra file (__All_Errors.txt) containing the following text:

Indeed, a description that doesn’t explain a lot. It simply says there is something wrong, but what? In OneDrive itself, there wasn’t a error or warning popping up, so were where up to our self to find out what’s wrong.

What did we upload?

First of all let’s see what we uploaded to OneDrive. Basically, it was a .zip file contains folders and files (multiple types: .txt, .exe, .html…) that was zipped by using 7-ZIP.

Resulting in the following structure in OneDrive:


After trying a lot of things (different compression methods, different compressing tools, security settings of the download link),  we came up with the following (pretty simple) resolution:

The download only results in the error file if you want to download a specific subfolder from the uploaded .zip-file. So make sure you uncheck the subfolders and files.
As you can see in the animation below, you have the possibility to only download a specific subfolder:

So simply download the whole folder/.zip instead of a subfolder until Microsoft fixes this issue.

7 thoughts on “OneDrive – Some files weren’t downloaded.

  1. Thank you for posting. Ran into the same thing tonight with my colleagues and this posting explained what was happening.

  2. Again! Thanks for posting. This is SO annoying! I am in the process of download quite a large folder so *fingers crossed* it works.

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